Apples UCC is dedicated to reaching out to those who are in need and to support other ministries who affect “the least of these.”  We are regular contributors to the special offerings of the United Church of Christ which impact local churches, areas of special concern in the United States, and support for international need.  The United Church of Christ has a series of Special Offerings through the year - where the money collected does not stay at the church, but goes to help other churches, causes, people.  You can find more information by clicking here: 


In addition to the special offerings organized by the UCC, Apples UCC fund-raises and contributes to the following areas of need.

Thurmont Food Bank

We collect non-perishable items for the Thurmont Food Bank.  In 2016, we donated over 1000 items valued at a little over $2000.  

Heifer Project

We collect offerings for Heifer International throughout the year.  Heifer International works with communities to strengthen local economies. Their values-based, holistic and community development approach focuses on increase in income and assets, food security and nutrition, and the environment.  They work to enhance the capacity of vulnerable small-scale farmers, especially women, to secure their livelihoods. Multiplied by strong social capital and women’s empowerment, the work results in a sustainable solution to world hunger and poverty. Over the past 15 years, Apples has donated $30,000 to this cause.  However, it doesn’t go as money, but as oxen, heifers, sheep, goats, chicks, and other animals.  When the animals have offspring, it is given to another needy family.  We save our contributions until we have enough to give an “Ark”.  That’s $5000 worth of animals, training, water pumps or whatever is needed in a village or area.  Find out more about Heifer Project by clicking here: https://www.heifer.org/

Compassion International

For more than 60 years God has been working through sponsors and local churches around the world to change the lives of impoverished children throughout the world.  Through Compassion’s child sponsorship program, children are reached on spiritual, physical, economic and social levels—meeting the needs of the whole child. And preparing them to become responsible Christian adults.  We sponsor a 12 year old girl named Madeling!  Find out more about Compassion International by clicking here: https://www.compassion.com/

Yard Sales - Supporting Local Outreach

Two times a year, Apples holds yard sales in the church pavilion.  The first is in the Spring.  The second is during “Colorfest Weekend,” which is usually the second weekend of October.  See the calendar for specifics.

One aspect of our sales is different.  We do not price items that are donated to the sale.  Instead we ask for donations.  The Spring yard sale is usually to raise money for our missions, either worldwide or locally.  The Colorfest money is divided between being used for the church finances, and for supporting the youth ministry, and for general missions.  The church members decide each year what this might mean.  

Our Colorfest yard sale includes a huge bake sale.  Apples members and friends make Apple Pies from scratch along with apple turnovers.  We are famous also for our breads and cookies—all home made.